After lots of searching and being involved in the market, we made a list of the three things that can not miss when is about making your event grow and make an incredible impact to your users.

Our vision is quite singular, going digital is a convenient and effective marketing strategy because of its low costs, extensive reach and popularity. We can prove that online visibility translates to business visibility.

“If you build it, they will come.”

At Vunee we are specialists in events & festivals, so we set about creating something that we would love to use ourselves where Festivals and Events are engaging from the outset, captivating when they are happening and memorable forever.


Our festivapp product

Our festivapp product

The best thing about the mobile channel is that it gives you the potential to engage with your customers in real-time, by location and complete with profile information.

You can offer them tools to make their life easier (map, schedule, information) is a huge value-add to the other existing options as social media.

You can engage directly to the customers based in their behaviour and make them offers, keep them update for what is next by push notifications, etc.

We think about creative ways to capture your existing or potential customers’/attendees attention, enhance your offerings, entice people to buy/assist and make life easier for your customer/attendee.

At VuneePro we build the app for you with an amazing design clean and simple, adding all what a festival or club need: ticketing, program, general information about access and artists… Available for iPhone and Android your new app will help you to build a community, sell more and engage your fans.



IPAD-E-YEIf your event, festival is related to a brand, the best way is have a tool where the customer/attendees can express their experience and share it with the other.

E-YE is an interactive photo booth. Place it at your venue, store or event and give the audience the chance to have fun taking photos and sharing them on their social media profiles.

Each photo will be converted into a high-quality, fun, branded polaroid, including your logo and design. With E-YE you will boost your social media visibility and build a valuable database to keep in touch with your clients.

This is the easy way to go viral and approach a bigger community.

“If I see it on you, I will buy it”



We make that possible by our products, we enhance or create new customer experience(s) that leverages digital technologies.

Let us help you to succeed.