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It is not breaking news anymore to say that engaging with your customers is key. There are different ways to interact with them but the focus should remain on social media.

How to use social media for your campaign ?

  • Intrigue your customers before your event
    You can do so by telling them where the event will be and ask them to participate. You can also tease them with video and photos as visual content is easily remembered. Be creative to make the visual content appealing to them.
  • Use the power of customers-referral
    Do you have testimonials from previous happenings saying how wonderful was your event? If so, share the quote on branded images to keep on sharing visuals content.
  • Make it easy to share your content
    From your webpage you can provide a button to share a tweet or post when your attendees land on your thank you after-registrating page. Find an easy way to do so on Click to Tweeet
  • Use photo of attendees
    Be sure you can post pictures of attendees and tag them. This will create customer generated content. This content is the most valuable as customers relies more on their peers vs content provided by brands.
  • Use one unified hashtag and spread it
    This hashtag should be used in all the pieces you create before, during and after your event. Check the best practices here

Need more tips?
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