In a social media era, it’s no surprise that festival organizers are emphasizing social in the ongoing effort to reach and keep their consumers. Through what some organizers call “Facebook Takeovers” both artists and festival organizers are connecting with social networks to boost attendance and ignite interest in festivals.

Social media and content creation is changing the marketing landscape fundamentally. By finding new, innovative ways to reach customers through event participants, festival organizers are gaining increased exposure. By having your own APP, you have an advantage over traditional festival, here are the 4 biggest benefits :

 Bridging the Gap

You app it must be the best way to bridge the gap between event attendees and their favorite artists, agenda, community, etc. For example, participating artists take over the festival’s account for the day, uploading photos on the APP. It allows for artists to bring fans closer. It is important on allowing that artist to have a platform with your audience.

 An Analytic Approach

Festival organizers can collect information on fans that they can analyze later. Also by the APP is an easy way to monetize your events by traking offers that you want to offer to your VIP customers, or create different campaigns based on your user behaviour. Let the data that you collect drive your future decisions. Understand better what your user want, do or they will do.

 Costumers as Influencers

On the app your costumers/users can have a highly activity actions on the comunity, by comment the event, adding pictures. Your APP will incentive users to participate more and drive content, so will increase at the same time the content that you are performing on social media.

 Takeaways: Extending the Conversation

Brands usually already have an existing audience for an event. But through working directly with your APP the performers or attendees who are already participating, marketers can extend the conversation to reach a type of audience that wouldn’t otherwise have known about the event.


We have other thousend reasons that we can make you undersand that having your own app is the best decision that you’ll ever take over driving success on your marketing and user engagement.

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