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The best ways to engage with your database

21st October 2015 • By


Times have changed quite a lot over the past decade. We all know how easy it can be to acquire database nowadays. However, we are all aware that making it engaged with your company or your brand is and will remain a step forward that money can hardly buy.
It is obvious that investments in marketing will bring you “followers” and grow your database but they might not be as faithful as you wish. The only thing that will forever ensure you people got engaged is knowing that they came in an organically way, from their own free will.

The followings are the best ways that will truly help you engage with your database.

1. First, you need to understand the true size of what you call your “database”. Look beyond the records on your screen.

It is key to think about customer database in a holistic way. With all the new technologies and channels we have access today, you can easily reach and consider more and more people as part of your database.
There are lots of different people who you have lots of different information about and who you are connected with in so many ways. But which one of them are really part of your list? You know probably more about some people than about some other. 
Here are a few ideas:

  • Membership database – Name, address, email, birthday, location, what they look like?
  • Email database – Email address, Name, IP address (location)
  • Social media following – Demographic info, location, username, profile info, interests
  • Website cookies – Product or page visited, what their buying habits are
  • Targeted people you don’t know – Everything but their name
  • Their friends – Nothing, but they know a lot about you.

2. Resist your desire to promote to your audience and think how you can give them something instead. They will love you for it. Give emotion not promotion.

Consider how have you connected with them in the first place? Have you surreptitiously stolen their email address through some ploy to get it in exchange for some white paper or other benefit? Or have they fallen over themselves to give you their real contact info because they truly want to hear more from you?

This is a real example of a company we know, we hided its name for the post.

Consider a venue giving away free wifi, as long as you gave your email address for a login. Or better still, logged in with Facebook and let us post on your wall.
Seems really clever, doesn’t it? Actually no, that just built resentment and delivered low uptake from the brave few who were clever enough to navigate the hellish registration process (who knew people could get that angry?).

Therefore, they tried to do it differently by giving emotion instead of promotion.
They took away all of the registration process and just allowed people onto the wifi without having to give over their email address or access to their Facebook account.
Guess what? Exponentially more people used the wifi and all joined their database on the various social channels as a result, subsequently sharing their photos of their fun experiences at the venue to all of their friends through Eyeforbrands’ software.

Exponentially more people became aware of the venue than all of their usual social media activity.

3. Think about who your target customers are, and keep it relevant to them.


What do they want? To answer this question, you really need to get your head inside your main target. Who are the people you’re trying to reach? What are their daily lives like? What do they need? What do they enjoy?

We will keep the same example as the part 2.
Through tracking our Facebook demographics on insights, they could see that a very large part of our buyers are men aged 19-25. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that, we’re talking about students.

Through some fairly low-level research, you can start to paint a picture of what students are looking for. They are young, probably short on cash but willing to spend good times all together. So give them great offers, useful trendy stuff that they be happy to receive and make it easy for them to convert.
It’s great guidance for your content marketing and a good exercise for any company to do.

4. Give awesome value and entertainment, and then facilitate their ability to share their experience of it with you and their friends.


On average, Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm will show 6% of your fans your post organically, but 35% of your friends will see a post you put up on your personal account.
So instead of chasing the 6% of the X thousand fans you have, the true power in social media is in creating a situation where your huge audience creates or shares content with all of their following. Think now about a product you could include in all your venues, that will be able to do that.

When you know that…

  • 40% of people respond better to visual branding engagement;
  • 80% of what you see is retained;
  • Self-branding content is 60 times more shareable than basic one;

…why wouldn’t you find a product that allows your customers to take pictures of themselves while having a special and unique experience with your brand?

We carried out many research and ended up with one product fitting these specific requirements.

Want to know more about it: here you go!

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