Eyeforbrands is proudly providing SAMSUNG with a tool to boost customers engagement.

We are currently participating to the launch of the new SAMSUNG Gear S2 on the Champs Elysées!
The stand is provided with the new watches that people can try out.
Hostesses are moving around to take pictures of attendees. This picture are creatively designed with SAMSUNG’s logo. A way to create customers engagement with the brand on the stand.

How does Eyeforbrands create customers engagement?

The stand is appealing to attendees as it fosters interactions: people can touch, see, and try the new watch!
This is creating customers engagement with the brand. Eyforbrands provides a way to share this.
More concretely:

  • It brings even more visitors on SAMSUNG stand. People like to use the new watch but spend more time on the stand to also take pictures.
  • It boosts online visibility for SAMSUNG. As people are sharing designed pictures on their social media, their community is potentially reached. This is key how online interactions start.
  • It increases valuable database with shared designed photos.

What is Eyeforbrands concretely?

A designed photo app for events or point of sales.
This picture are mostly shared on social media

customers engagement with brand

This comes after the collaboration with Willie Beamen agency for SAMSUNG’s event with Elite Models. Eyeforbrands also increased customers engagement during this event.

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