Why should you run a Christmas campaign?

December will be there soon and Christmas is coming with it! In terms of marketing, seasonal event campaigns are ideal opportunities to engage new clients with your brand & stay connect with your beloved customers.

Still not sure about running an event campaign for Christmas? Here are some benefits.

  • Increase your sales NOW
    The Rules for Christmas is that people don’t postpone their purchase & increase their spending habits.
  • Grow your database
    Throwing a promotional event is not only a good way to interact with your customers, but also it is a chance to connect with new potential customers. Long term thinking is important here : think about the best way to get consumers’ valuable data during your event.

You are already picturing your Christmas campaign? Keep some guidelines in mind.

  • Be fast & creative to reduce competition
    Two important point to stand out the crowd for your Christmas event : rapidity and creativity!
    The first Christmas related promotions will highly catch customers’ attention. Your audience will be less receptive after hundreds of Christmas stimuli.
    Creativity will obviously make you stand out the crowd as well. Think about your target market : what do they want and what are they NOT expected?
  • Use social media
    To make the most of your event campaign, use social media the right way. Use them before, during, and after your event.
    Keep in mind that maximizing customer generated content is key! Research have shown that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from other people even someone they don’t know – over brand content.
  • Refresh your branding
    Rebranding your social media & your event will make customers feel Christmas ambiance around your brand. This, will make them want to celebrate it with you!
  • Make your customer feel Extra Special
    Consumers don’t respond well to a faceless business. A Christmas event is an opportunity for you to get closer to your audience by offering them a small gift or a particular experience. Interacting with them during an event is an appropriate way to increase customer engagement with your brand.

Air Canada campaign #ACgiftofhome in 2014 is a good example of how interacting with customers is important. The airline company ran a Christmas campaign targeting Canadians living abroad. In London, two pilots gave free tickets in a Canadian bar so that Canadians could spend holidays at home.

In the video, you can see how the receivers of such a gift were happy and how thankful they were toward the pilots and the hostesses.

Tell us about your idea or your advice on Christmas campaigns.


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