Paris is getting ready for a special private opening event on this Sunday, 11th of October 2015.


Logo Caves du Louvre

It is in a quiet street of the capital called “Rue de l’Arbre Sec”, a block away from the famous “Musée du Louvre” that “Les Caves du Louvre” are going to host journalists and special guests to inaugurate their new venue. Described as historical, this place will probably become a must to visit for tourists and wine lovers, or even events’ organizers.

Caves du Louvre

Les caves du Louvre” is not the common kind of wine cellar we are used to see. They come up with a unique concept based on new technologies which give visitors the opportunity to discover the place with a mobile App through interactive content such as images, videos, explanations, anecdotes and even a quizz.

Testing experience

With a 800 square meters’ underground area, wine lovers will enjoy this unique and sensorial tour as it will stimulate all their sense, room by room, with special advices and explanations from professional sommeliers. Each room is focused on a specific sense, helping the visitors to enjoy and appreciate the value of the wine, in the following order: touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight. Finally, the visit ends at the wine museum where visitors can get some souvenirs…


Inside Caves du Louvre

Having the whole visit digitalized through a mobile App is great and can attract more visitors. Having a funny and interactive digital tool that motivates each person to leave the venue with one of their products is obviously much more profitable. This is exactly why “Les caves du Louvre” contacted Vunee PRO at the time of setting up this new concept.

Here is an insight of their brand new E-YE:

iPad PRO - Caves du LouvreiPad PRO - Caves du Louvre













At the end of the tour, visitors will be invited to take a nice Polaroid pictures in front of the E-YE. What is interesting here, is that every time people strike a pose, they will be able to share it in real time, either on their social media or by mail with the design and branding of the museum itself.

Then, to motivate the purchase of souvenirs, visitors will be given the possibility to print the picture and paste it on the bottle of their choice. More than a souvenir, it can also be the original and perfect present to give.
Wishing best of luck to this company, we will publish a report of this action in this blog next week.


For now, you can contact Vunee PRO here or get more information about the product E-YE here.