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The weekly Piknic Electronik festival, that makes people dance from Montréal, to Barcelona, as well as in Cannes, Dubai, Melbourne and Paris, has now included a new tool for its Barcelona version: FestivApp.

Who could describe it better than them? “Piknic Electronik is an outdoor electronic music event aiming to offer immersive, social experiences in a friendly environment.”
From the 28th of June 2015 to the 20th of September 2015, this event is a real opportunity to spend Sundays in a new way.

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As Piknic Electronik Barcelona is more than a usual festival, they needed more than a simple mobile App.

That explains why, from now, Piknic Electronik Barcelona is working along with Vunee PRO to offer its visitors a new way to experience the festival and to know more about this audience.

The mobile App powered by Vunee PRO is totally FREE and it is already available both on Apple Store and on Google play.

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This new tool helps festival organizers share all the information festival goers need to know about the events:

  • Artists
  • Music
  • News
  • How to get there
  • Past and Upcoming events
  • Participants

But one of the key features of Piknic Electronik Barcelona‘s App is to let the users be active inside the App.
Vunee PRO doesn’t think the users will use an App if it only provides information. They think these users will use it if there are interactions inside.

Here are some of them, included in the v.1 of FestivApp:

  • Check in
  • Take pictures, automatically converted in Polaroid
  • Like, Comment and Share on Social Media
  • Ticketing

Next versions with more features will come very soon. Stay tuned!

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