IVY Polaroid "My First Selfie In Ibiza" by Vunee at Ibiza Airport with Ushuaïa and Sony.

“My First Selfie In Ibiza” by Vunee  – Ibiza Airport – with Ushuaïa and Sony.

Last year, Vunee Pro succeeded in making work two of the most important companies of their own sectors, together, under a unique project.

Sony, one of the leader of the electronic technologies industry and Ushuaia Ibiza, one of the biggest and most famous nightclub in the world were both part of our “My First Selfie in Ibiza” project.

The main purpose of this project was to allow the companies to promote themselves using of one of our technologies: IVY, VuneePro product that is all about increasing brand’s visibility on social networks in a viral and exponential way.

"My First Selfie In Ibiza" Group selfie by Vunee

This is how it worked:

People landing in Ibiza Airport could not miss our big and fully branded  photocall where two hostesses were waiting travellers with their Sony XPERIA smartphones.

As they were all curious and happy to land in such a great island, more than hundreds of travellers and locals stopped by everyday to take a selfie.

More than a simple souvenir, those who took selfies wanted to show all their friends that they were in Ibiza, ready to spend unforgettable summertimes. That’s why these photos were directly shareable on their own social networks and on Sony’s and Ushuaïa’s in a nice and clear album, thanks to the Vunee app.


Album Facebook Ushuaïa by Vunee

Album Facebook Ushuaïa by Vunee

The main interest for both companies was to gain real time visibility through the share of our fully personnalized polaroids including both Sony and Ushuaïa logo, on all the social networks of the thousands of people that visited the island and participated to the project.

This promotion helped Ushuaïa reach its target directly when they landed in the island by this new and innovative way, while Sony was taking advantage of it by promoting its new Sony XPERIA smartphone through this experiential marketing.


IVY Polaroid by Vunee


In total, more than 10.000 smiles were shared on social networks through our branded Polaroid during all the promotion and both brands were delighted.