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Why your business needs this?

15th September 2015 • By
Brand experience

Our generation, our relationship to satisfy what we want is far less tangible than any other previous generation. “I don’t want the DVD; I want the movie it carries”, “I don’t want a clunky answering machine; I want the message it saves”, “I don’t want a CD; I want the music it plays”. In other words, I don’t want stuff; I want the needs or experiences it fulfills.

At Vunee PRO we want to freeze those moments by pictures that go into a branded polaroid so people can relate that experience with your brand and share it on social media.

EYE, Eyeforbrands

THIS WEEK: Free Branded Polaroid for your Business.

10th September 2015 • By
Vunee PRO E-YE

At VuneePro we create a product that is your best solution to scale your brand on social media – The E-YE. A branded polaroid that it comes with our technology and can be use in any smart device to take pictures of all people that are related to your brand.

This is an easy way to make people share their experience with your brand with their community.

Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy its benefits, for free.

EYE, Eyeforbrands

The Story of Polaroid

4th September 2015 • By

For 60 years nothing else did what a polaroid picture did. Nobody else made a picture that appeared in your hands 60seconds after the photo was shot, and now it’s almost gone.

Nearly every story about polaroid goes back to its founder names Edwin Land, he was the house genius, he was the inventor of instant photography, a product that made an absolute fortune.

EYE, Eyeforbrands

3 tips on how to Scale your Brand Online

27th August 2015 • By

Branding is crucial for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs). Whether it’s the company’s name, logo, or tagline, branding helps position and differentiate SMBs against competitors. However, an SMB can have great brand elements, but if the brand isn’t scaled well, said business will have lots of trouble growing their client base.