Elite model winners

The two winners: Tristan & Mathilde

As we informed you in a last post, on Thursday, the 8th of October, the Parisian modern and contemporary art building, “Palais de Tokyo”, hosted the Elite Model Look France contest. Eyeforbrands took part of the event through the agency Willie Beamen with Samsung France through the integration of the E-YE software directly into their new mobile phone that they were promoting for the event.

Promises made, promises kept. Here are some exclusive insights of what the E-YE did during the event.



 E-YE has been integrated into every Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge hostesses were holding before, during and after the show to capture exclusive moments;

E-YE took more than 150 branded photos of smiling people;

✔ E-YE collected about 90 e-mail addresses and Facebook ID. 90 persons for 150 photos? Yes, people loved it and some took more than one photo!

✔ During the event, a majority of attendees chose to receive their pictures through their mail address rather than their Facebook account. However, many of them published it on Facebook afterward and therefore created lots of interactions.


And what if E-YE was implemented for your future events or installed in your retail store?

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