This Thursday, 8th of October, the french chain modelling agency, Elite model management, will be hosting its annual Elite Model Look France contest at the “Palais de Tokyo”, in Paris. Samsung France and Vunee PRO have united to make this event epic thanks to the agency Willie Beamen.


The 18 finalists

Of the more than 350 000 yearly candidates, only 8 men and 8 women get the chance to reach the national final and maybe get the opportunity to become “Elite model of the year”. These 16 models will be competing for the chance of a lifetime, characterized by a three year contract with the worldwide agencies of Elite Model group, in front of hundreds of international guests and fashion professionals, all of them in the spotlight of Samsung’s latest concentrate of technology: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Samsung Galaxy Edge+.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Indeed, Samsung France will take part in the event amongst other sponsors, since they recently decided to position their new mobile phone as a fashion accessory. The South Korean brand is showing the world that technology and fashion are no longer two separate worlds. “The integration of the two has become a prevalent trend as technology continues to enhance fashion and fashion inspires technology” said Dido Liu, designer of deepmoss, during the 2015 Shangai fashion week.


Model-Samsung Model-Samsung-1

Technological experts and worldwide model agencies will also have a look on how Samsung France’s new marketing’s collaboration will digitalize and viralize the event, as they teamed up with Vunee PRO to be their only on site marketing action promoting both their new mobile phone and the contest itself in a new and powerful way.

This Thursday, 8th of October, Palais de Tokyo’s hostesses will link Elite Model Look France and Samsung France together using a new technological software, the E-YE.

Set up in every Samsung Galaxy Edge hostesses will use before, during and after the show, E-YE will allow them to take fully branded Polaroid pictures of every attendees. All of these pictures will be shared in real time by mail or on both Elite’s and Samsung’s social media as well as on the attendees’ and create thousands of interactions all over the social media.

Here is an insight of Samsung’s and Elite’s E-YE:

Aperçu E-YE Samsung 2        Aperçu E-YE Samsung

Next week, a report of the action will be shared in this blog.

For now, you can contact Vunee PRO here or get more information about the product E-YE here.