For 60 years nothing else did what a polaroid picture did. Nobody else made a picture that appeared in your hands 60seconds after the photo was shot, and now it’s almost gone.

Nearly every story about polaroid goes back to its founder names Edwin Land, he was the house genius, he was the inventor of instant photography, a product that made an absolute fortune.

Captura de pantalla 2015-09-04 a las 11.07.28Land did no market research, he once said “marketing is what you do, if your product is no good” instead what he believed was this “if you have to show people something that they have no idea they want it, but that was irresistible” to that in, what he would do was turn in polaroids annual meeting into a sort of a show, he will get up on stage, he will show the new camera, he demonstrate whatever the new product was and by the end of the meeting, you completely have to have one.

Captura de pantalla 2015-09-04 a las 11.15.06This may remind you somebody, STEVE JOBS, the co-founder of apple was watching very closely as a young man, he once explicitly said he modeled apple on polaroid and in fact, few times in 1978  he made a trip in the Polaroids headquarters to meet Dr.Land.

In 1970 Edwin Land talks about the future of photography, and what he describes is astonishing, it’s a future form then that’s sounds very much like our present:

“From the…camera that would be, oh, like the telephone: something that you use all day long…a camera which you would use not on the occasion of parties only, or of trips only, or when your grandchildren came to see you, but a camera that you would use as often as your pencil or your eyeglasses.” It was going to be “something that was always with you,””

When Land started talking about this stuff it was pretty nearly science fiction, real life was not quite so futuristic, the first camera weight was 2kg.

Captura de pantalla 2015-09-04 a las 11.26.20In 1972 appears the classic polaroid picture with the white border that splits in front of the camera.

Then other technologies appear since 2001 Polaroid was declared bankrupt twice and have been sold three times.

But, people refuses to let this technology die, in 2009 three entrepreneurs bought Polaroids last film factory, they were called as a company with “the impossible project”, their product still experimented but everybody from the Polaroid Land brings a new credo “don’t do anything anyone else can do”

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