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Build a loyal relationship with your Customer

13th November 2015 • By

Social Media Web has led to a fundamental shift in the way businesses engage with their customers. They’re using social technologies to form meaningful, ongoing relationships that involve frequent online interactions, oftentimes through social channels.

The truth is: Companies that engage with their customers via social media have more loyal customers. BETTER YET, it turns that customers who engage with a brand online are spending 20% to 40% more on that brand.

EYE, Eyeforbrands

The best ways to engage with your database

21st October 2015 • By


Times have changed quite a lot over the past decade. We all know how easy it can be to acquire database nowadays. However, we are all aware that making it engaged with your company or your brand is and will remain a step forward that money can hardly buy.
It is obvious that investments in marketing will bring you “followers” and grow your database but they might not be as faithful as you wish. The only thing that will forever ensure you people got engaged is knowing that they came in an organically way, from their own free will.

The followings are the best ways that will truly help you engage with your database.


Case study: Les caves du Louvre’s opening

14th October 2015 • By

Les caves du Louvre

On Sunday, the 11th of October 2015, the Parisian wine cellar opened its new museum with the new E-YE concept.

Guests and journalists invited were delighted to visit “Les caves du Louvre” as it represents a monument of the french capital. This newly renovated venue is known to be one of the biggest and oldest Parisian wine cellar with its 800 square meters, built in the 18th century by the King’s Sommelier.

Vunee PRO helped Nicolas Paradis, Les caves du Louvre’s founder, to go a step further in his digitalization’s focus.


Case study: Samsung & Elite Model Look France

14th October 2015 • By
Elite model winners

The two winners: Tristan & Mathilde

As we informed you in a last post, on Thursday, the 8th of October, the Parisian modern and contemporary art building, “Palais de Tokyo”, hosted the Elite Model Look France contest. Eyeforbrands took part of the event through the agency Willie Beamen with Samsung France through the integration of the E-YE software directly into their new mobile phone that they were promoting for the event.

Promises made, promises kept. Here are some exclusive insights of what the E-YE did during the event.