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The best ways to engage with your database

21st October 2015 • By


Times have changed quite a lot over the past decade. We all know how easy it can be to acquire database nowadays. However, we are all aware that making it engaged with your company or your brand is and will remain a step forward that money can hardly buy.
It is obvious that investments in marketing will bring you “followers” and grow your database but they might not be as faithful as you wish. The only thing that will forever ensure you people got engaged is knowing that they came in an organically way, from their own free will.

The followings are the best ways that will truly help you engage with your database.


Why your business needs this?

15th September 2015 • By
Brand experience

Our generation, our relationship to satisfy what we want is far less tangible than any other previous generation. “I don’t want the DVD; I want the movie it carries”, “I don’t want a clunky answering machine; I want the message it saves”, “I don’t want a CD; I want the music it plays”. In other words, I don’t want stuff; I want the needs or experiences it fulfills.

At Vunee PRO we want to freeze those moments by pictures that go into a branded polaroid so people can relate that experience with your brand and share it on social media.