At VuneePro we create a product that is your best solution to scale your brand on social media – The E-YE. A branded polaroid that it comes with our technology and can be use in any smart device to take pictures of all people that are related to your brand.

This is an easy way to make people share their experience with your brand with their community.

Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy its benefits, for free.

Fulfill this registration form before Thursday, 17th of September.

 Here are some examples of how E-YE can be successfully use:

E-YE in your store

Vunee PRO E-YE


E-YE in a mall

Vunee PRO E-YE


E-YE in a beauty salon

Vunee PRO E-YE

Those actions has a huge impact over the social media, pictures are the best way to relate people with brands and their experience. Let us help you grow and get more visibility.

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