Our need for being connected has driven an unprecedented change in how we live, how we enjoy our lives, communicate,… Going Digital began as a consumer-driven movement but is now a focus of leading enterprises.

In the Events industry, which is getting rapidly reshaped by technology, it is useful to understand the context and reasons behind these disruptive changes.

At Eyeforbrands this is our vision:

  1. Focuses on customers and improves their overall experience.
  2. Utilizes digital technologies and the advantages that come along with it.
  3. Extends existing business models or creates new models using digital technologies.

festivappWe make that possible by our products, we enhance or create new customer experience(s) that leverages digital technologies.

We are very proud of our team, all of them have a long experience on helping Events succeed on the digital marketing solution, so we hope you won’t miss their advice and experiences they’ll soon share in this blog.

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