Our generation, our relationship to satisfy what we want is far less tangible than any other previous generation. “I don’t want the DVD; I want the movie it carries”, “I don’t want a clunky answering machine; I want the message it saves”, “I don’t want a CD; I want the music it plays”. In other words, I don’t want stuff; I want the needs or experiences it fulfills.

At Vunee PRO we want to freeze those moments by pictures that go into a branded polaroid so people can relate that experience with your brand and share it on social media.

There are so many ways to implement this technology whatever your business is focus on:

  • Beauty salons, hair salons and tattoo parlours: Your customers can take a picture after their treatment inside your venue and share the result on social media;
  • Stores: Everyone that come inside your store can take pictures with the product of their choice and share it on social media to ask their friends their opinion;
  • Coffee shop, restaurants or bars: There is nothing more powerful to share such tasty experiences than a photo of customers’ satisfaction faces;
  • Shopping mall, hotels, public places, etc.
  • All kind of events that are supported by at least one brand.

Having a branded Polaroid for each of your events ensures your company a list of benefits but it is also your chance to make the visits of your clients memorable. Not only during the event but even after, as long as the Polaroid travels from a social media to another.


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